About MyMilesMatter™

Choose Shell Rotella® T Triple Protection®, Shell Rotella® T5 synthetic blend or Shell Rotella® T6 full synthetic.

Shell Rotella® protects against wear, helps keep engines clean, helps protect against corrosion from acids and more. And it is backed by the Shell Rotella® lubrication limited warranty program. So you’ll feel good knowing you’re giving your truck the protection it deserves. And you’ll earn Reward Miles.

Finding Reward Codes

You’ll find a 12-digit Reward Code under the cap of specially marked bottles of Shell Rotella®. If you take your truck for an oil change at a participating location, a Reward Code will be attached to your receipt. When you enter these Reward Codes online, you’ll get the Reward Miles you need to redeem for all kinds of great rewards.

Redeeming Reward Miles

While your truck gets the protection, you get the Reward Miles you need for great rewards. We’ve chosen rewards from brands you use and that we think you will enjoy. Visit the rewards catalog and see for yourself. Once you have the Reward Miles you need for the reward you want, just log in to your account and redeem.